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Users of Ivacy who have upgraded from Windows 8 or Windows 7 to Windows 10 are facing some connectivity issues. The below mentioned instructions are intended to help them out.

If you have Windows 10 but Ivacy client is not installed in your system, then you should install it, uninstall and then reinstall it.

Conversely, if you already have Ivacy client installed, uninstall it and restart your system. After rebooting, download Ivacy Client for Windows and install it. After the  installation , before connecting Ivacy VPN, do check connectivity by browsing and downloading etc. Now connect with Ivacy and check again.

Note: If the Ivacy installer requires you  to install OpenVPN, then ignore this message, right click on Ivacy icon in system tray and select the option “reinstall OpenVPN”.

If it does not work out,  try out the following  instructions.

  1.       Open “Run Screen” by pressing Windows Key + R.
  2.       Type ‘cmd.exe’ in search box and press Enter.
  3.       On Command Prompt, type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and press Enter.
  4.       Restart your PC.

If this does not work either, run below mentioned commands same as before.

  1.       ipconfig /release
  2.       ipconfig /renew
  3.       netsh winsock reset catalog
  4.       netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

Why are You Facing Problems?
Windows 10 fails to apply network configuration of previous Windows. Some users are even facing problems in taskbar, Cortana, etc.

If nothing works for you, then you should reset your Windows and install it again. However, try to avoid this option, as you will lose your data after resetting Windows.

If the problem persists, submit a support ticket from the client area or contact us on Live Chat.

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