How to Setup Port Forwarding?

In this article, you will learn about setting up Port Forwarding through Member Area.

Before you begin, please make sure:

  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • You must have an Ivacy Premium Account with Port forwarding Add-on OR Ivacy Dedicated IP Addon.
  1. Access the Member Area from here.
  2. Select the Port Forwarding from ‘Addons’.
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    – Block all Ports (Recommended)
    Once enabled, this option blocks all external traffic to the device connected to the VPN, making it a highly secure connection.
    – Block all Ports by Enable the Following
    All ports are disabled, except for the ones that have been enabled manually.
    – Open all Ports (Not Recommended)
    All ports are open, and data can be transferred via any port. This option is not recommended as it could result in data loss, data theft, etc.

Congratulations! Now you will be able to configure your Port Forwarding Addon.

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