How to Setup VPN on Playstation / Xbox / Roku / Boxee Device?

Yes you can and there are three ways to setup Ivacy VPN on these devices.

  1. Either setup VPN on router. See this FAQ
  2. Use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on Windows.See this FAQ
  3. If you are using MAC and want to share VPN with PS3 / Xbox / Boxee etc please follow the below steps or See this FAQ
    a. Go to System Preferences and select Sharing.
    b. Select Internet Sharing.
    c. Select the VPN to share from the drop down list.
    d. Select what interface to share the VPN to i.e. Ethernet
    e. Select the tick box on the enable the sharing i.e. “Internet Sharing”
    f. When the sharing is active the icon will become green and the status will change to: On.
    g. Now click on Ethernet and click on Configure IPv4 drop down and instead of DHCP select manually and insert IP address (or any range) and insert subnet mask
    h. Plug in device to the LAN/Ethernet port of your MAC and insert IP, subnet mask and default gateway in PS3/Xbox etc.
    i. You are good to go!

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