How to Setup Ivacy VPN on Chromebook / Chrome OS via L2TP?

We present you a tutorial that will help you learn how to setup Ivacy VPN on different client software. This time around, it’s Ivacy VPN setup on Chromebook / Chrome OS using Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). In this guide-cum-tutorial, you will learn about setting up Ivacy VPN connection on your own Chromebook / Chrome OS client on L2TP.

Before setting up Ivacy VPN on Chromebook, you must ensure that the L2TP protocol is working fine on your Chromebook with your internet connection. And for experiencing flawless Ivacy VPN performance, you need to have the premium Ivacy VPN account.

Without much ado, let’s start.

  1. Click the taskbar / status bar on your Chromebook and select ‘Settings’.VPN on Chromebook
  2. A new window will open up. From the ‘Internet Connection’ section, click on ‘Add Connection’ and then select ‘Add private network’. Leave all the other options, ‘show home button’ and ‘always show the bookmarks bar’,  unchecked.Chromebook Settings for VPN
  3. Again, a new window will open up with multiple fields.
    • In the Server hostname field, type the server address that you want to use. (the list of all server addresses can be found here).
    • In the Service name field, type Ivacy VPN.
    • From the Provider type dropdown menu, select ‘L2TP / IPSec + preshared key’.
    • In the pre-shared key field, type ‘12345678’.
    • From the Server CA certificate dropdown menu, select ‘Default’.
    • From the User certificate dropdown menu, select ‘None installed’.
    • In the Username field, type your email.
    • In the Password field, type the password (the email address and the password are the same that you chose at the time of order placement).
    • Leave the ‘OTP’ and ‘Group name’ field as they are. Keep them empty.
    • Check the ‘Save identity and save password’ checkbox.
    • Click ‘Connect’.Add Network in Chromebook
  4. Now you are connected to Ivacy VPN.Connect VPN on Chromebook
  5. Once the VPN connection is established, verify your IP address by visiting any IP verification website. For example,
    There you go! Enjoy complete privacy with Ivacy VPN.
    If you face any connection problems or Ivacy VPN performance issues, feel free to contact our customer support team.

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