How to Setup VPN on Smart TV

If your Smart TV runs an Android operating system, then you can download and install Ivacy Android application.

You can also configure it manually by one of the following guides:

If your Smart TV has its own operating system rather than android, then you can follow one of these procedures.

  1. Configure VPN on router
  2. Use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on Windows.
  3. If you are a Mac user, follow these simple steps to setup the VPN:
    1. Open “System Preferences” and select “Sharing”.
    2. Select “Internet Sharing”.
    3. From the drop down menu choose VPN to share.
    4. Select “Ethernet” as your desired interface
    5. Apply check on “Internet Sharing”.
    6. The icon will turn green when sharing would be active.
    7. Now click on “Ethernet” and then on “Configure IPv4”. Use drop down menu and manually select the IP address instead of DHCP, for instance and subnet mask such as
    8. Complete the process by plugging in your device to the LAN/Ethernet port of MAC. Insert the following IP, Subnet mask and gateway:
      Subnet mask:
      Default Gateway

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