How To Setup VPN on Windows 11 Manually

Before you begin, please make sure that:

  • You have a working internet connection
  • You own a Premium Ivacy VPN subscription. If you haven’t subscribed yet, click here to subscribe for Ivacy VPN

You can select the respective tab for the desired protocol.

  1. Click on the ‘Network’ icon located on the taskbar of your system, then navigate to ‘Settings’
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ and then navigate to the ‘Network & Internet’ option
  3. Click on ‘VPN’
  4. Click on ‘Add VPN’
  5. Open the ‘Add a VPN connection’ window.
    Select ‘Windows (built-in)’ as the VPN provider.
    Enter the desired connection name (e.g., IvacyIKEV).
    Input the server address (e.g.,
    Choose ‘IKEV’ from the VPN type dropdown.
    Select ‘Username and password’ for sign-in info.
  6. Scroll down and type your credentials in the respective fields provided. Keep the ‘Remember my sign-in info’ checkbox, checked. Click ‘Save’.
  7. Return to the ‘Network & Internet’ window, select the newly created ‘Ivacy’ connection, and click ‘Connect’
  8. You have successfully connected to the VPN

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