Why I Need Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN will be your daily driver seeing how it is a necessity rather than a luxury these days. With access to 1000+ servers across 100+ locations, connect to as many VPN servers as you like to access content from other regions, which would have otherwise been unavailable to you due to geo-restrictions. Enjoy true internet freedom without having to worry about being compromised again via security features like Internet Kill Switch, Military Grade Encryption, Public Wi-Fi Security and more.

Torrenters will be pleased to know they can connect to P2P optimized servers, giving them all the bandwidth they need to download or upload content. Additionally, they will not have to worry about being monitored, since torrenting is widely frowned upon, even though it has several use cases apart from piracy.

With Ivacy VPN, you can browse the internet fearlessly. Whether you need to bolster your security or connect to a VPN server back at home while traveling, Ivacy VPN is all you will ever need to explore the internet in its entirety.


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