How To Get Ports Opened?

Get the Port Forwarding add-on by Ivacy to open your system/device port.

Why do I need Port Forwarding to open port?

Ivacy protects your data when you access the internet from your device through an outbound port. But at the same time, Ivacy inbound ports are all closed, so that nobody can access your device.

Some users open their inbound ports to remotely access their systems or to make their data available from their devices to the internet. This can be dangerous because inbound ports can be exploited by hackers to sneak into a device and steal all the data on it.

While the Port Forwarding add-on by Ivacy secures all inbound traffic on your device, it ensures that only authentic sources can pass through your inbound port. The  devices running Windows OS have firewall installed while there are many other OSes that do not give a firewall option. This is where the Port Forwarding add-on becomes handy.

If you want to open your inbound port and protect your servers against hackers sneaking into your device, you MUST get Ivacy’s Port Forwarding add-on, right now.

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