How To Setup Ivacy VPN Software on Windows 10?

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Before configuring Ivacy Monitor (Ivacy windows client) on your Windows 10, you must have a working Ivacy connection and an Ivacy VPN account.

Please note that if you want to manually install Ivacy VPN on Windows 10, then please follow this guide. Click here

Step 1

Open internet browser and go to Ivacy VPN homepage (

Windows 10 Browser


Step 2

Click on ‘Downloads’ from the top navigation ‘bar’.

Ivacy Website Homepage


Step 3

Scroll down and select your device to download Ivacy VPN client software. For Windows 10, click on ‘Get Ivacy Monitor on Desktop’.

Download Ivacy VPN


Step 4

Click ‘Download Now’.

Download Ivacy on Windows


Step 5

Run Ivacy Setup.

Ivacy Download Page


Step 6

The Ivacy Setup dialog box will open up. Click ‘Yes’.

Ivacy Setup dialog box


Step 7

The ‘Ivacy Setup Wizard’ window will open up. Click ‘Next’.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 8

The ‘License Agreement’ window will open up. Select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click ‘Next’.

Ivacy License Agreement


Step 9

Select the ‘Destination Location’ to install Ivacy VPN client software. Click ‘Next’.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 10

Click ‘Next’.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 11

From the ‘Select Additional Tasks’ window, check the ‘Create a desktop icon’ checkbox. Click ‘Next’.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 12

The ‘Ready to Install’ window will open up. Click ‘Install’ button.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 13

The installation process will take some time. Wait.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 14

The ‘Completing the Ivacy Setup Wizard’ window will open up. Keep the ‘Launch Ivacy’ checkbox, checked. Click ‘Finish’ button.

Ivacy Setup Wizard


Step 15

After a short while, Ivacy Monitor for Desktop will load.

Ivacy Dashboard


Step 16

In the ‘Dashboard’, from the ‘Protocol’ dropdown menu, select your desired protocol (Available options are Automatic, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN-UDP, OpenVPN-TCP).

Ivacy Monitor Protocol Selection


Step 17

Insert your username / email and password in the respective fields provided.

Ivacy Monitor


Step 18

Select the purpose using the Ivacy VPN or country from the ‘Purpose Selection’ dropdown menu. For instance, ‘unblocking websites’.

Ivacy VPN Purpose Selection


Step 19

If you have selected ‘Purpose’, ‘Personalized Selection’ tab will open. Select a ‘Country’, for instance, Ivacy US Fastest Server, by clicking pointer on the map. Click ‘Connect Now’ button.


Ivacy Monitor Personalized Selection Tab


Once connected, the button will turn green in color.

Ivacy Monitor 2


There you go! You have successfully configured Ivacy Monitor on your Windows 10 operating system.
Enjoy complete privacy with Ivacy VPN.

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