How To Setup Ivacy App On Android?

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  1. Open “Play Store”.  Android Main Menu
  2. Search for “Ivacy” and open it. Google Play Store
  3. Tap “Install” button.  Ivacy VPN Download
  4. Tap “Accept” to give required permissions.  Ivacy VPN Permissions
  5. Now wait for installation to be completed. Ivacy VPN Installing
  6. Now open it by tapping “Open” button.Ivacy VPN Download
  7. Enter ‘username’ and ‘password’ given in the email. Ivacy VPN Credentials
  8. Tap “settings” option in the top right corner. Ivacy VPN Main Screen
  9. Tap “Servers”.Ivacy VPN Main Screen
  10. Select desired protocol and your desired country. Ivacy VPN Servers
  11. Tap “Connect” button. Ivacy VPN Dialer
  12. Check “I trust this application” and then tap “OK”. Ivacy VPN Permssion
  13. You are connected, enjoy Privacy with Ivacy. Ivacy VPN Connected

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