Ivacy VPN Server/Host Name List

[get_vpn_server] Country OpenVPN-TCP OpenVPN-UDP Australia au1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net au1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net USA (Chicago) usil1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net usil1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net USA (NewYork) usny1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net usny1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net USA (New Jersey) usnj2-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net usnj2-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Brazil br1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net br1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Netherlands netherlands-tcp.ivacy.net netherlands-udp.ivacy.net United kingdom (London) uk1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net uk1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net United kingdom (Maidenhead) ukm1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net ukm1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Russia ru1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net ru1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net France fr1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net fr1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Canada cav1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net cav1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Canada caq1-ovpn-tcp.ivacy.net caq1-ovpn-udp.ivacy.net Germany germany-tcp.ivacy.net germany-udp.ivacy.net Austria at2-ovpn-tcp.dns2use.com at2-ovpn-udp.dns2use.com Belgium … Continue reading "Ivacy VPN Server/Host Name List"

How to use Manual server on Ivacy iOS App

1. Select for the drop down list 2. Select “Manual Server” 3. Enter Manual Server or dedicated IP Hostname to connect 4. Tap on the connect button 5. You are connected

How to configure Ivacy on TRENDnet

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can configure Ivacy on a Trendnet router using PPTP protocol. Enter or copy-paste into your web browser. You router will ask you to enter your username and password. Use the default credentials and hit “Login”. Default username: admin Default password: admin Next, click “Advanced” on … Continue reading “How to configure Ivacy on TRENDnet”

How to Select Location

Go to the main Dashboard. Select the “Scroll Down” button to view the server list Select your desired location. You will be connected.